EDU 6949 – Internship Reflection – Designing Student Assessment

6.3 Designing Student Assessments to Inform Planning – Teacher plans to use assessment results to plan for future instruction for groups of students. The school I did my internship at uses an assessment system where students will be assessed on a learning target or group of learning targets for four weeks. This methodology allows the students multiple opportunities to exhibit mastery of the learning target. However, with the subject matter pacing guide and the expressed desire of the school for all math classes to stay on the same pace, there is very little room for backtracking or additional instruction for those that need it. Further, because there are only four questions on each weekly topic, and they score the assessments on a scale of 1-4 (miss one question and the maximum score is 75%), each attempt at the assessment is a high-stakes affair.

Having an extensive background in data analysis work, I started analyzing each weeks test results in order to see where improvement could happen in the following weeks. Here are examples of the pie charts I shared with the class (Week 15 and Week 16). Not only did I look at the test scores, but also which learning target needed the most work and if the outcomes were the same in all of the class periods. Based on this analysis, I would plan daily warm-up items for the class to do at the beginning of each day. This would allow us to provide reinforcement for those students who had shown mastery as well as additional instruction and practice for those students that struggled with the material.


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