EDU 6132 – Unit 4 Reflection

One of the more interesting ideas to come from the course material is the idea of structuring lesson plans and units around how the brain works and not just based on the subject material. In particular, the ideas from the “Memory” chapter in Brain Rules (Medina, 2014) hold some important ideas. Previously, when writing lesson plans, the idea was to review either the learning from the previous day or previous learning that was necessary prior knowledge for the current lesson and provide time for reflection with some sort of informal assessment, such as an exit ticket.

Medina states that 90% of what is learned in class is lost after 30 days (Medina, 2014, p. 130). After reading this I will plan to include more review time into the lesson plans. Not only will there be review at the beginning of class, but there will be more frequent review of material from the duration of the class. One approach that I am now considering is a weekly review, maybe on Wednesdays, where we will review previous coursework regardless of its applicability to the current topic. This approach will allow us to cycle through all the material multiple times during the school year. This process of regular review will also increase the likelihood that students will be able to make additional connections between the topics.

Works Cited

Medina, J. (2014). Brain Rules (Second ed.). Seattle, WA, USA: Pear Press.

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