How practical are Multiple Intelligence activities

In order to answer the question of how practical Multiple Intelligences activities are, you first need to define what those activities are and who they need to be practical for. The idea behind Multiple Intelligences is the existence of a variety of learning styles that include, but are not limited to linguistic and logical quantitative modes that are viewed most favorably by today’s educators . And in a discussion of Learner-Centered approaches, the question need to be of the practicality for students.

Along with the previously mentioned linguistic and logical quantitative models, the Multiple Intelligences model includes putting emphasis on visual spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist. Looking at the subject area through the lens of the other Intelligences allows a teacher to unlock some potential learning tools for their students. Many mathematical concepts can be expressed through visual spatial representations. Musical tools are often used to help with memorization of facts. Imagine how students might respond to using bodily kinesthetic methods to teach about the interaction of chemicals in a Chemistry class. This not only allows students to who are to inclined to the linguistic and logical models to make breakthroughs, but it also can allow students to unlock learning tools they may have but are not aware of.

The question of practicality implies there is one method that is best for instruction and that other methods are inferior (either in general or for a particular subject area). But under the idea of Multiple Intelligences, the appropriateness of the instructional technique is determined by the student, not the teacher. Gardner believes students should be encouraged to be well rounded, but there is also benefit from the discovery and cultivation of strengths. If a teacher is going to reach out to the student where they are, they need to use a variety of methods. In this case, the use of multiple methods is not only practical, but necessary.


Edwards, Owen. “An Interview with Howard Garder, Father of Multiple Intelligence”

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